Our history

About us

Tasteful Asian products for calm and balance. For every household and every use, custom-made or from our large daily stock.

Easy to maintain, and always with clear information.

Experience the calm of our products and service. We like to keep it simple.

Balance in partnership: with our growers and suppliers in Asia and with our customers, we seek collaboration in equal partnerships and optimal chain management.

Complete in our services and information provision. Digitally up to date range with images in all systems. We like to work on digital links in our range and orders.

Solutions and continued development are the key focus of our service, which we provide with an open mindset.

We make decisions in operational management with a conscious attitude towards our and your environment. We carry MPS A+, GAP and SQ certifications. For example, our nursery is heated with residual heat from the E-on and we work very closely with all organisations to allow for a proper import process from Asia.