Our history

About us

Oriental Group is a family business where people work passionately every day on the most beautiful plants for home and garden.

Our aim is to let people enjoy all our products. We invest a lot of energy in the growth and flourishing of not only our product, but also of colleagues, partners and customers. Together we work towards a sustainable and green future.

Oriental Group was founded in 1992, a lot has changed over the years. From a small greenhouse in Rhoon, where a few containers of Bonsai were imported every year, we moved to Bleiswijk in 1997 and in 2006 the new building of our current main location was realized. Our nursery has now grown to a total area of 8 hectares (domestic and abroad), 3 locations in Bleiswijk and 1 location in Portugal. Oriental Group imports approximately 400 40ftHQ sea containers from Asia every year.

What hasn’t changed? The no-nonsense culture and the meaning of our core values: responsibility, cooperation, focus and trust. We invest in sustainable production, being a good entrepreneur and an employer. Our focus is on innovation and development. That is why we analyze our processes in order to continuously adjust our cultivation methods and improve them where possible. In close cooperation with our chain partners, we ensure that our range meets the wishes of our end customers.

You can see development and growth in our plants, but also in our colleagues and customers. In order to grow well, strong roots and good soil are vital. We therefore put our energy into a solid foundation and the intrinsic strength of our plants and people. This results in the growth and prosperity of our products, colleagues and customers.

A Chinese saying that we regularly use ‘the branches are many, the root is one’