Ficus Ginseng

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This Ficus Microcarpa is called: Ficus Ginseng, after the irregular rootstock that looks like ginseng, or ginger root. This characteristic rootstock is grafted with shoots of Ficus Microcarpa, a lovely small dark-green, leafy, compact-growing Ficus variety. In the Asian view on plants and their surroundings, Ficus Ginseng has a strong association with health, like the Ginseng root itself does. 

The so-called S-shaped Ficus Ginseng has a stronger link with the Bonsai tree. Its shape is reminiscent of a tree and the branches form lovely clouds, or stories.


care tips

The Ficus Ginseng is very easy to maintain; its best positions vary from half shade to direct sunlight. The root ball is best kept somewhat dry. The Ginseng uses more water in the summer than in the winter.

A Ficus Ginseng can easily be trimmed: let your imagination run free and allow the plant to grow as you wish.

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